We are professional skippers, sailing instructors and competitors for over 30 years, instructors (ISAF license). Together we have more than 60 years of combined nautical experience, we have experience in nautical journalism, running TV shows with nautical content, and we can advise you in the maintenance and service of vessels, testing and valuing vessels.

Together we have experienced almost everything that can be experienced at sea. Pretty and ugly. We have combined our insights, experiences and created the best program for adventurers, gourmands and nostalgics. We offer you the best program for developing your teams.

The boat offers the most effective test of the group and individuals. Living space is limited and needs to be shared with others. When traveling by sailing, we are exposed to unpredictable challenges of nature, depending on their decisions and cooperation with the team. Achieving goals, good relations and atmosphere can only be achieved through good organization and crew participation. This is also the case in team work, company or in relations with business partners.

Together with more than 60 years of experience in professional sailing, we have learned to recognize individuals and motivate them to win together with the team. So in a cruise – sailing from point A to point B, as in race from start to finish.

Sailing is what we live and breathe. We represent more than 60 years of combined nautical experience. We sailed the whole Adriatic coast and more, our love for the sea, islands and it’s people is something that fills our hearts and souls.

After sailing all these years, we learned a lot, mostly, as it looks now, we were searching for “our” island, “our” sunsets from a fairy tale and people, we proudly call them friends today. 

So that is why, we are always returning back, to the places where sun always shine for us, to ports from our dreams, and we almost call these places, our “home”.

We would like you to find this also.