Our Promise

We promise you a sailing experience with lot of smiles. We will smile through the labyrinths of food, wine and tradition … sailing where every point of our destination is actually the starting point…. Sailing to the places where the smiles are honest and where the sunrises and sunsets are one …

Sailing to the places where you sail without wind regardless of the sea or land … sailing together with a smile!

… how many times did you wake up and realized that these moments were just a dream ? You have the opportunity for these moments to become reality and last a lot longer. If You like Sailing, Gastronomy, good wines and the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets … you are in the right place. We are here to make you dreams come true, and in a week or more of our adventure, we and you will enjoy the pleasure that you and your friends or family, will remember this experience in a cold winter days.

Just contact us and you will be in one of the marinas, where we will discover a new world, where everything you dreamed of becomes a cute reality.

Since you are on our site, you have certainly had the opportunity to find out about the Croatian coast and the islands and you have decided to meet them without too much hesitation. In this introduction we offer something quite different with a lot of charm, spontaneity and great professionalism.

You’re probably wondering what we are offering and is different from the rest you’re used to ? The answer is very simple. We offer what we would like to experience on the sea, on a boat and in a country we want to experience, meet, feel…

We offer you the top team, among which the most important skipper will make your vacation unforgettable with professionalism and experience in cooperation with others from our company.

Our addiction to hedonism will be gently moved to you, to fully experience the earthly pleasures intertwined with top quality food, wine and beautiful hidden bays, combined with the customs of the island and the places you will visit.

We are different from other charter companies because your vacation will be planned to the finest details, all friendly faces you will meet, all you will make, smell, taste, look and hopefully we will also have good sailing winds ….

And what we promise you, besides your own satisfaction, we will try to make you feel like being in the safety of your home, and yet somewhere else, where you have not been.

Do not hesitate to believe that we are the ones who can make your vacation unforgettable. We look forward to your arrival and the trust you put into us.

Enjoy sailing, food, drinks and beautiful country and its people. Enjoy yourself! If you are interested in a new adventure in your life, enriched with the history, tradition and beauty, do not hesitate to trust us, because as we have already told you your dreams, we will turn them to reality and discover a new earthly paradise for you. With all its treasures. We are eagerly waiting for you.