Our Vision

We offer you the best and exclusive sailing, gourmet and adventure experience that is completely different from other commercial programs on the market. Authenticity, originality, a great measure of experience, knowledge of culture, culinary, winemaking and aquatoria is our guiding and specialty. 

The details of each program will be designed together, taking into account your goals in desires. In addition, virtually everything is available in today’s offer. From the popular SUP, kayaks, water scooters, various adrenaline accessories, cycling, trekking, as well as more spiritual than yoga, Tai Chi, Qi gong … The red thread of all events is, of course, socializing in excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

In our programs with many years of experience, you will be professional guided, performing seemingly simple yet 100% efficient tasks, learning about the quality of your colleagues and their abilities in a relaxed and recreational environment.


years of combined sailing experience

About us

The idea was created among the seasoned skippers who survived and tried everything from the best to the worst. We want to offer you the best of sailing, gourmanding, adventures, which we have spent, taste and live through many years of experience.


Choosing for all those who want to swim in the turquoise waters leads to a cave of curious fishermen and stroll down the deck or sandy beaches. Sunshine in the most beautiful bays, the finest taverns and superb fresh fish prepared on the barge.


Choosing for real adventurers, eager to explore, sometimes also the innumerable night-day sailing, for those who does not scare the most bold goals. No prior sailing knowledge is required.


Only with a good team can we plan the future of our company.


Leave us a note and we will get back to you for your premium sailing experience